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We're Blocked Drain specialists. Our day to day business is unblocking drains, sometimes blocked drains can be minor or major issues but the majority of the time they simple to unblock. If you have kitchen drain that isn't draining properly then there could be a blockage with the Inspection chamber or just a minor blockage within a pipe that goes to the inspection chamber. If you have a Blocked Toilet or a toilet that won't flush properly or the water is rising the chances are you have a blockage in the main sewer pipe or inspection chamber. 

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Blocked Drains

Blocked Kitchen Drain

kitchen drain blocked

Blocked Kitchen Drain - Gully's get blocked due to build of soap powder or grease from food and over time this causes blockages. It's good practice to clean the pipe with a pressure washer after the blockages has been removed.

Blocked Toilet


If your toilet is rising or not flushing away properly then you will have a blockage in the inspection chamber. This is the most common type of blockage and it can be rectified using drain rods.

Blocked Sink


If you have a blocked sink this could be due to an internal blockage however, some times in can be more serious and the blockage is within the drain outside. Test your toilet to see if it is backing up.

Blocked Soak Away


Soak Aways take the water from your gutters and can become full and blocked over time. They are not as simple as other drains to unblock and sometimes they require being dug up.

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