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Fixed Price Drain Unblocking

We are a Mansfield based company that covers Nottingham for Blocked Drains and Repairs. We are one of Nottingham's most highly respected companies for Drains and best of all we offer our customers a FIXED PRICE DRAIN UNBLOCKING SERVICE for just £89.00 - No VAT or Call out Charges. (Please see Terms and Conditions)

Drain Services

Here at Gutters 'N' Drains we can take care of all types of blockages but we can also help with drain repairs and guttering services

Types of Blockages

Blocked Sewer Drains


Blocked Manhole or Inspection chamber, the most common blockage is the main sewer getting blocked from toilet roll or baby wipes.  Advice: Check with your neighbour to see if they have a blockage.

Blocked Toilet


If you have a blocked toilet then check your inspection chamber for a major blockage. If the inspection chamber in empty then you have a blockage in the pipe between the toilet and the main drain. 

Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

blocked drain worksop

Kitchen sink drains can get blocked very easily due soap powder, food and grease. 

Blocked bath or basin Drain


If water is overflowing from the drain where the bath and sink water goes then there're two things that could be wrong. One, the main drain is blocked or two, the gully bend is blocked. 

Foul Smell?


Why am I getting a foul smell in the house? - If you are experiencing a bad smell in the house there're a number of reasons as to why this could be.  Firstly check that the traps on the sink/basin are clean and check for cracks in the pan connector on the toilet. If the seal is broken on the toilet then foul smells will be released but not necessarily leak. Does it smell worse when it rains?  Some, not all associate the rain with the smell but often, when it rains the atmospheric pressure changes the direction of the smell within the drain. If this is the case then you definitely have a broken seal or hole allowing the smell to enter the house.

Drain Clearing


Rapid Rod - We aim to be with our customers very quickly! We'll get the job done and your drains working again in no time and best of all you'll know the price before we arrive. Fixed Price Drain Unblocking. drain clearing Nottingham

Why is my drain blocked

Why drain gets blocked and how to unblock them.

Over time drains can get blocked up for several reasons, the main reason that a drain blocks up is because we are putting something in the drain that we shouldn't be. The main cause of drain blockages is obviously baby wipes however, we often find that just toilet paper alone can easily block up a drain if there is a rough surface in the drain for it to catch on. The second most common reason for drains blocking up is grease from food building up within the drain and becoming very sticky, meaning anything trying to pass it in the drain gets stuck to it, soap powder, dishwasher tablets, toilet paper ect...

In some cases, the drain is broken and needs to be repaired. We often find that people who have had a new driveway or patio has a broken drain this reason for this is, the people who lay the paving break the drains with their machines. 

Also, in rare cases we find a drain keeps blocking up because someone has attached a foul waste pipe to a soak away drain meaning foul water is getting in to the soak away and the waste is building up in the pipe and has nowhere to go.