External Drain blockage in Nottingham, Mansfield

Blocked Manhole

blocked manhole mansfield

Have you lifted the inspection chamber and its full?

We're blocked drain specialists and we can clear your drains, if you see water in the manhole then you defiantly have a blockage and you should call a professional. 

Blocked Gully

blocked kitchen sink, kitchen sink overflowing

Water overflowing from kitchen drain, usually when water is overflowing from your kitchen sink drain there is a blockage in the bend (This bend is called a trap) the most common blockage for a gully drain is soap powder but sometimes the gully is blocked as well as the main drain.

Blocked Soak Away

soak away not draining

Soak Away drains can be very difficult to unblock and some cases the soak away has collapsed.  We use a vacuum system to clear the drain then add water to the drain and plunge it. Last resort would be to use a pressure washer to try and clear the drain. 

Blocked Down Pipe

water overflowing blocked downpipe

If water is overflowing from your gutters there is good chance the down pipe is blocked on the bends. We can take care of this for you using our vacuum system or by taking the down pipe off the wall to clear it. 

Blocked Sewer

blocked sewer drain

If you have major blockage and it is a sewer drain (A shared Drain) then this might be covered by your water company. Best to check with the neighbour if they have a blockage as well. 

Blocked Drain


Call the Experts when you have a block drain - It will save you time and money. If you do decide to try and unblock the drain yourself be careful you don't drop the rods or attachments in the drain.