Drain Unblocking Hucknall

We cover Drain Unblocking in Hucknall. If you have issues like your toilet won't flush properly or your drains are overflowing then you have come to the right place. We offer a Fixed Price Drain Unblocking Service for £79

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Types of Blockages

Blocked Manhole - Mains Drains

Your Main Drains are connected to the street sewer drains and they can get blocked from time to time. If your main sewer drain is blocked then give us a call. We offer a fixed price drain unblocking service in Hucknall for just £79

Gully and Soakaway Drains

These Drains often get blocked due to soap powder or grease from food. If your drain is overflowing then it will be blocked and it will need pressure washing or rodding from the mains drain. We can quickly and simply deal with these types of blockages - Call us Today on 07445 220447

Storm Drain Unblocking

Storm Drains

Storm Drains get blocked due to leafs and rubbish blowing in to them from the street and overtime this builds up to cause a serious blockage. We deal with these types of blockages with our Vacuum system or Drain Jetting equipment.