internal blockages in Nottingham and mansfield

Blocked Sink


Is your sink filling up and not draining properly?

Like all waste areas sinks have traps that keep the odours coming back through the pipes. Two effective ways of unblocking a sink are, cleaning out the trap or pushing air through the pipe to clear a blockage.  Blocked Sink, Nottingham, Mansfield.

Blocked Bath


If water is taking a long time to drain from your bath then there is a blockage in the pipe or trap. Hair is the most common blockage for a bath. There are two ways of dealing with this. Add a power drain cleaner that can dissolve hair or use air pressure to clean the pipe. Blocked Bath, Nottingham, Mansfield.

Blocked Shower


Showers can not only get blocked up quickly they can also be a very common cause for giving off bad odours. As the trap is in the plug showers are easily unblocked but if the blockage has made its way in to the pipe then you need call a professional . Blocked Shower, Nottingham, Mansfield.