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Are you currently experiencing a Drainage issue or Drain blockage? - We can help all different types of blockages when it comes to drains. From, Unblocking to Installing. Our advice is always free and we're always happy to help. Give us a call to discuss your Drainage Problems today.

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Fixed price drain unblocking

Newark, Drain Services

 If you've have a blocked drain and you are based in the Newark area you have come to the right place, we're based in Ravenshead and we can offer you our Rapid Rod service for a fixed price of just £89.00 - No VAT or Call Out Charges!

Why Choose Rapid Rod? - We offer our customers and fixed price service because we believe it gives you, the customer a peace of mind in knowing the price you pay before an engineer arrives.   

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We can take care of all types of blockages within if your property, blocked sinks, blocked toilet and blocked kitchen sink drains. 

Clearing Blocked Drains and Pipes

Drain Clearance


We're a Drain Company in Nottingham that offer all types of drain services, clearing drain, unblocking external drains and Internal waste pipes.  

Blocked Gully Drain


Kitchen sink not draining properly?

Blocked Gully sink drains are very common due to the amount of food, grease and soap powder entering them. We can clear you blocked gully and we do it for a fixed price.

CCTV Inspection


Buying a House? 

If you're buying a house we recommend you get the drains inspected. Drain repairs can be very costly so it's a good idea to know the condition of the drains before you buy the house.

Blocked Manhole


Some people refer to a Manhole as an inspection chamber or a sewer drain. If your toilet is backing up then you have a blocked manhole, sometimes manhole's can overflow and can need an urgent drain unblock. 

Blocked Pipe


Blocked pipes internal or external?

You might not necessarily have a blocked sewer (Manhole) you might have a blockage in a pipe, often soil pipes can get blocked and stop the toilet from working or water can come back up through the bath or shower. 

Drain Repairs


Is my Drain broken?

If there is water in your manhole the drain will not be broken. If you notice a wet patch in the drive or garden sewer waste could be leaking from a broken pipe. Make sure you call a Drain Engineer to investigate this. 

HELPFUL information

Helpful Information for problems with drains for people in Newark.


  • How to Unblock a Drain 

This depends on the blockage you have, if you have a blocked internal drain then you might be able to clear this yourself with everyday drain cleaner but external drains are more difficult to unblock and might need the use of drain rods to clear them.

  • Drain Unblocking Costs.

Most Drain companies charge around £150 to unblock a drain they might give you a cheaper price on the phone but tell you a different price when they arrive. We offer our customers a fixed price service for just £89.00 

  • Blocked Drain, Who's Responsible? 

If you are on a shared sewer system it's good practice to check with your neighbour to see if they have a blockage before you call out an engineer.

  • How to Unblock a Kitchen Sink, Bath or Shower. 

If any of these are not draining correctly then they could be blocked up internally or externally - If there is no blockage in your outside drain (Gully) then the pipes are blocked internally.

  • Do I need a Plumber?

If you have blockage you need a Drainage Company to locate it and professionally clear it.

  • Foul Smell in the House?

Getting an Odd smell in the house when it rains or early in the morning? You could have a broken seal on the toilet or dirty trap. The best way to find the where the smell is coming from is to do a smoke test.

  • Blocked Drain Near Me 

If you need your drain unblocking and you are in Nottinghamshire then give us a call today on 07445220447 


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