Blocked Drain Nottingham

We're are a Nottingham based company and we offer the following drain services, Drain Unblocking, Drain Repairs and Drain Installations. We also offer a fixed Price Drain Unblocking Service for just £89.00 

Local Drain Company in Nottingham

Kitchen Sink Drain


Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain in Nottingham

We can take care of your blockage using drain rods or a pressure washer to clear excess food and grease. 

Blocked Sink Nottingham

Blocked Sewer and Main Drains


Do you have a blocked manhole or inspection chamber?

If you have a manhole that is full of water we can offer you our Rapid Rod service and best of all we give you a fixed price!

Blocked Sewer Nottingham

Blocked Manhole, Weeds


If weeds have started to grow in your drains then you need to act fast. Weeds can grow down from the ground or through broken bricks, some repair work might be needed.

Blocked Manhole Nottingham

Roots Growing in Pipes


If roots have grown in the pipes then they might need replacing. Sometimes they can be cut with a drain root cutter but this is not always effective. Drain roots Nottingham

Drain Installation


Planning an extension or need some new pipes installing.. Give us a call and we'll provide a plan a quote free of charge. Drain Installtion Nottingham

Drain Repair


Broken pipes or damaged manholes need urgent attention. We can take care of any repairs that need doing and we offer free no obligation quotes. Drain Repair Nottingham


Drain Services In Nottingham

Blocked Drains, Blocked Manhole , Kitchen Sink and Pipes.

If you are experiencing any type of drain problems and you live in Nottingham you have come to the right place. We are a Nottingham based company and we offer our customers a fixed price drain unblocking service for just £89.00 - No VAT and  No Hidden Call out Charges! "That's a promise" We offer this fixed price service because it gives you, the customer a peace of mind in knowning the price before an Engineer arrvices. 

So, if you have a blocked in Nottingham or you need some advice then give us a call, we're always happy to help - Our advice is as always free of charge. 

What type of blockage do I have?

If your toilet is backing up then the main drain is blocked. Some people call this a sewer drain, manhole or Inspection chamber -  Theses types of blockages can be easily rectified by using drain rods. 

Kitchen or Bathroom Gully Drain.

If you gully is overflowing then this could be a blockage in the trap/bend or it could be more seriuos and be a blockage in the pipe going twords the main drain. The coorect course of action is too try rodding the blockage and if this is unsuccesful then it might require Jetting. 

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Take a look at our Drain Services page to get at better understanding on the type of blockage you have or just give us a call and we'll be happy to help.