Waste pipe plumbing

Waste Pipes and Soil Stacks.

If you are in need of of some new pipe work we can help. We can replace any old waste water pipes for you that are leaking or need upgrading.  

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Soil Pipe replacement in Mansfield, Nottingham

Plumber blocked drain


If you have blocked drain then call Rapid Rod Today

Plumber near me for Drain Services  - Local Drain Company 


Kitchen Sink Drain - Blocked

Kitchen sink drain often block due to food and grease getting stuck in the bend of the trap. Usually this is taken care of with a plunge of a rod but sometimes the blockage can be more serious and might need Drain Jetting. So, if you have a blocked outside drain in Mansfield or Nottingham then give us a call today. 


Sewer Blockage - Manhole Blocked

Water full to the top in the manhole or your toilet not flushing right?  

At Rapid Rod we can help with any type of waste blockage you have, we're always here to help. Blocked Manhole, Mansfield - Nottingham